Global Supply Chain Solutions GmbH

We have thus begun:

Global Supply Chain Solutions (G-SCS) was founded in 2010 as a flexible European freight audit provider. Since then, G-SCS has grown to become one of he most successful freight audit provider in Europe. G-SCS handles payments, transport orders and invoices for over 400 carriers in central Europe and approx. 1000 world wide.


Our market position today:

G-SCS has now developed a unique IT-Platform called – G-SCS Integrated-Control-Tower – supporting a wide range of supply chain requirements & integrated solutions across various industries. G-SCS is highly flexible in handling complex costumer data structures, providing a high degree of flexibility in realizing customer benefits. In our joint approach with clients, we very much focus on transformational change & efficiencies, thus improving not only individual logistics processes, but also redesigning entire supply chains to be robust, efficient and agile. Our holistic transportation & distribution optimization approach not only delivers process enhancements but also provides better operational efficiency. We strive to maximize capacity, minimize cost and still meet customer demands for excellent delivery service