Global Supply Chain Solutions GmbH

Our working practices:

The smallest action is more than the largest intention:


G-SCS demonstrate best-practice knowledge sharing:

Our strength is to transfer knowledge and drive improvements across complex organizational structures. Some of this will be done through our state of the art technology platform, supported by solid knowledge management processes. We strive to support our customers with adequate human resources, making sure that you have the right knowledge (i.e. talent) for the required task.

We think and act horizontal & vertical:

We are able to transfer knowledge across vertical barriers in your organization. Often, these vertical barriers will exist for good reasons, so it’s not just a matter of breaking them down, but in finding ways to traverse them. At the same time we strive for horizontal cooperation across customers, suppliers and industries to achieve synergies in customer supply chains. 


Your risk profiles should decrease:

G-SCS assumes responsibility for a defined scope of work where we are willing to share part of the associated risk. Our basic approach in client relationship is to consistently improve, close performance gaps and strengthen process control, thus lowering overall customer risk.

Realize the true value of our services:

G-SCS objectives are not only to improve your functional supply chain operations, but we are constantly looking for ways to preserve your competitive advantage.