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Steffen Rabus new logistics chief at the Diplomatic Council

Berlin, 9th April 2013 – The Diplomatic Council (DC, has appointed the experienced manager Steffen Rabus as Chairman of the International Logistics Forum (ILF). He will be responsible for the global activities of the global think tank across the entire logistics spectrum.

The forum focuses on the organization, control, provision and optimization of processes of freight flows along the value chain and the supply chain across all modes of transport (air, ocean, rail, and road). Steffen Rabus is Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization of Global Supply Chain Solutions (G-SCS), which specializes in so-called 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics).

"We have staffed our global logistics forum confidently with a German at the top because we believe that the so-called `German virtues' are especially in demand in logistics. Likewise, our focus was on a manager who through his operational experience as a fourth-party logistics provider has the best overview of all topics from a bird's-eye view. With Steffen Rabus we have found the ideal candidate for our International Logistics Forum " says the secretary general of the Diplomatic Council, Hang Nguyen.

She adds: "Steffen Rabus has made just as good a name as an entrepreneur as a successful businessman in amongst other things logistics. He also has a global network of contacts which he will bring into the Diplomatic Council. This will benefit all businesses and organizations involved in the DC International Logistic Forum."

Target group of the global DC logistics forum are logistics providers at all levels with transnational business interests. The Diplomatic Council, supported by ambassadors, general and honorary consuls from around the globe is widely seen as an interface between diplomacy and business. "In addition to the global logistics corporations we are keen to welcome medium-sized logistics companies as members" emphasized the Secretary General Hang Nguyen.

The Diplomatic Council ( is a global think tank to promote international understanding and acting in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. Members are not only expressly diplomats, but also welcome from business, society, culture, sports and politics.

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