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Study: Transport Logistics in the Ascendant

  • 51 percent of experts believe that the economic outlook for transport logistics will improve over the next 12 months  
  • This is from the current "Trend report Transport Logistic" *, which was commissioned by the  Diplomatic Council (DC) and Global Supply Chain Solutions (GSCS-G) 
  • Current trends report Transport Logistic will mark the opening of the 30th German Logistics Congress of 23 to 25, published in October 2013 in Berlin 

Berlin / Frankfurt, 15 October 2013 - Good news for the transportation logistics industry in Germany. 51 percent of experts believe that the economic situation will improve over the next 12 months. This is evident from the current "Trend report Transport Logistic" *, which the Diplomatic Council (DC, and the 4PL transport logistics specialist G-SCS (Global Supply Chain Solutions, commissioned. Furthermore, the last 12 months, according to the study have already been very successful. 65 percent of the respondents indicated an improved situation and this positive trend is predicted to continue until at least 2020. However, 39 percent of the industry experts expect the situation  in Germany to be overcast by then.

The Trend Report has also taken a closer look at the development in Europe and worldwide. There is also a similar picture here: while 49 percent of the experts for Europe expect some improvement in the economic situation within the next 12 months, there are only about 44 percent worldwide who believe the same. In addition, the last 12 months are regarded as predominantly positive by 55 percent of the experts for Europe in this period, whilst worldwide there are more than a third (36 percent) share this view. Up until 2020, companies will continue to benefit from positive business development, but with a reduced drive: more than a third (36 percent) anticipate future growth in Europe, worldwide only 29 percent. 

"An improved economic situation in the transport logistics industry is almost always accompanied by rising freight costs. Many companies therefore want to reduce their logistics costs significantly and sustainably, "says Steffen Rabus, chairman of the International Logistics Forum (ILF) in the Diplomatic Council (DC) and also Managing Director of G-SCS, in the current situation. "Hardly any other industry in Germany has with, so many restrictions, to make do, as the logistics sector. Besides governmental rules and truck tolls on federal roads, it is also about urban planning restrictions and environmental regulations" Thus arises more and more often the keyword of "green logistics". Cities are increasingly using flexible tour planning. Rising costs are turning intermodal transport into the intelligent alternative. The commercial success depends, according to Rabus, crucially on how existing resources are optimally used. "This complexity suggests the use of high-performance IT and outstanding software programs. In this context, the phrase '4 PL-service ' moves towards the center of the discussion, " adds the ILF Chairman. 

* For the current "Trend report Transport Logistic 2013/2014" 100 experts and executives from the transportation logistics industry were surveyed on behalf of the Diplomatic Council (DC) and Global Supply Chain Solutions (SCS-G). 

The current trend report Transport logistic will mark the 30th German Logistics Congress from 23 to 25 October 2013 and be published in Berlin. Additional information on G-SCS can be requested from prospects. 

The Diplomatic Council ( is a global think tank dedicated to promoting international understanding and acting in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations. It encompasses a network of over 4,500 individuals around the globe. Members are welcome not only as diplomats but also personalities from business, society, culture, sports and politics. 

Global Supply Chain Solutions (SCS-G, is a leading provider of freight bill audit and Supply Chain Visibility services. Since the beginning of 2013 G-SCS has been one of the most extensive 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics) services and software portfolio to market. The services, which is coordinated by the G-SCS Integrated Control Tower, including transportation management, contract management, and supply chain includes analyzes. Through the use of custom-made, modular G-SCS solutions, customers can reduce their logistics costs continuously and sustainably. Meanwhile, the solutions of G-SCS can be used for more than 300 logistics service providers in over 30 countries. 

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