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Invoice & Financial Services

Rising freight cost is an emerging area of concern as seen in recent years. Our sophisticated and flexible Freight audit and payment solution gives shippers the tools they need for effective transportation spend management, including exception handling, one-off shipments, extra cost procedures and cost allocation. 


With our tools and comprehensive, solid data structures, we provide business intelligence capable to capture a multitude of supply chain optimization potentials. Low visibility of the future freight cost, high complexity of the freight quotes and freight cost verification vulnerable to human and process errors requires proper auditing to ensure that the organization does not overpay for services. G-SCS can provide resource, skills and required technology to safely outsource a manpower intensive organization to freight audit specialists

Background & Process: G-SCS work closely with shippers and carriers to establish business processes for collecting required data in correct formats. This allows for automated data handling, creating complete visibility across transportation operations. This provides the required detailed view to achieve regional and global consolidation of freight data, rates and contracts.

Our Solutions include the following Services:

  • charge calculation
    • costing & rating engine
    • freight agreements for customers & subcontractors
  • cost & profitability analysis
  • inter- & intra-company cost and revenue distribution
  • customer freight billing reparation
  • supplier freight invoicing – settlement preparation