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Supply Chain Contract Management

To realize substantial improvement potentials, beyond pure cost reduction, forces companies to constantly review their degree of vertical & horizontal integration. Outsourcing logistics tasks and functions to increase the degree of variable versus fixed costs opens up new potentials. However, the costs and risks associated with external service providers needs to be handled.


Together with our clients, we determine the level of reasonable logistics outsourcing in the individual specific business context, defining the value contribution and the best interface between the organizations. By thoroughly mapping processes and costs we ensure completeness of services for tendering request for proposal & request for quotation (RFP & RFQ) enabling a solid cost and service comparison, to select best suited potential partners.

Throughout implementation and ongoing operations, we support reliable and fast price calculation, which are the basis for efficient rates and tender management. We offer you a solution for recording all data centrally and uniformly, so as not to have to start from the beginning for every tender preparation. G-SCS can manage all purchase rates, tariffs and surcharges, and create sales rates and sales tariffs.

But our Supply Chain Contract Management service are not only manages data, but also offers you a comprehensive solution for freight spend analysis. This can build the basis to recognize trends & price developments. We can thereby establish fact based negotiating positions to support decision making in partner selection and performance reviews.

Our solutions include the following services:

  • supply Chain / logistics tender management
  • RFI / RFP / RFQ management
  • carrier assignment
  • contractual design & contract management
  • provider & performance management with supply chain service providers and subcontractors
  • purchase order management & supplier follow up