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Transport Order Management

Transportation has become a critical bottleneck in the supply chain for many companies. Many industries are faced with challenges to reduce cost while at the same time meet increasing customer demands for service and deliveries on time. This requires integrated transportation management processes as well as state of the art technology in transportation management (for example: tools to support static & dynamic optimization, dynamic tendering and sophisticated event management allowing for cost and service simulation).


Our extensive solutions (Transport-Management & Order – Platform) supports the entire transportation processes from freight order taking to transportation charging. It delivers robust transportation planning and execution capabilities to shippers and third party logistics providers. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, order, execution, and business process automation on a single application across all modes of transportation, from full truckload to complex multiple leg air, ocean, and rail shipments. G-SCS offers you the proven management software, which guarantees the optimal dispatching and smooth automatic operating procedures for your business processes. Modular structured, and equipped with a number of interfaces, our software can be integrated into almost every environment. 

Our Slot Management and gate control solution, records and monitors arriving and departing trucks at the terminal gates. Truck data and load units are recorded on entry and compared to the expected data. The driver receives a printed time schedule. Communication pillars, docking technology and automated logon systems round off the settlement.

We are able to includes internal and external information, aligned across the customer supply chain and allows for all involved parties to execute the adequate control, including truck drivers, forwarding agents and loading point employees, etc. Companies can thus supply their production according to their needs and realize a completely automated and transparent supply chain to guarantee on-schedule handling of dispatch traffic.

The system improves communication between external partners and shippers internal logistics departments via a coordination platform. The software plans, controls and tracks the trucks and synchronizes the incoming and outgoing deliveries with the capacities at the loading points and the current requirements in production.

Our services include:

  • transport process design and – implementation
  • multi stage planning & routing, continuous moves
  • transport order processing and tendering
    • Mode & Carrier selection
    • Operational tendering ( fixed, variable, best price/service, quotas, sequential )
    • Transport booking & execution management
      • manual dispatching & automatic optimization
      • freight space booking o Warehouse coordination
    • Slot Management & Gate Control
    • spot order placement
  • transport & distribution event management
    • tracking & tracing
    • execution handling
    • event management
  • document management
  • incident & claim management