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Packaging & Container Management

In various industries packaging material and containers represent a huge hidden, often not well managed cost factor. Increased transparency can lead to significant cost avoidance by optimizing packaging material & empty containers, better utilization but also in transport scheduling and payload optimization.


Our Packaging & Container Management solution provides for the control, optimized planning, documentation and tracking of returnable transport packaging and carriers, as well as for passive transport units such as wagons, trailers, containers, swap bodies and racks. The software solution ensures that the required units are supplied to customers as and when they are needed. The required data such as the number of units, loading capacity or size, location or standing time, can be captured directly in our System ore interfaced from an ERP system.

G-SCS Packaging & Container Management ensures the supply of passive transport units along the entire supply chain through the integration of optimization algorithms with sophisticated asset management. In addition unprecedented levels of transparency and control over the assets become available enabling the owner or operator of the asset pool to cut back on costly supply reserves.

Our services include:

  • design, layout and optimization of returnable transport packaging and carriers
  • procurement and purchase order management
  • planning, control, execution management, reuse & disposal of returnable transport packaging and carriers